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Working Papers

  • The Minimal Effects of Making Local News Free: Evidence from a Field Experiment

    Andrew Trexler. Revise & resubmit at The Journal of Politics.
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    A summary report for participants in the Chatham County Public Opinion Study is available here.

  • Voting Access Reforms and Policy Feedback Effects on Political Efficacy and Trust

    Andrew Trexler, Marayna Martinez, and Mallory E. SoRelle. Revise & resubmit at Policy Studies Journal.

  • The Unequal Challenge of Learning from Under-informative News

    Andrew Trexler. Under review.
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  • Outnumbered Online: The Consequences of Partisan Imbalance in Online Political Discussions

    Maxwell B. Allamong, Andrew Trexler, Fatima Alqabandi, Tina Tucker, D. Sunshine Hillygus, Chris Bail, and Alexander Volfovsky. Under review.
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Research in Progress

  • The Paradox of Consumer Demand for Under-informative News

    Andrew Trexler.

  • The Local News Angle: A Conjoint Experiment on Public Support for Local Newspapers

    Jennifer Gaudette, Joshua McCrain, and Andrew Trexler.

  • Measuring Latent Traits with Drift Diffusion Models

    Andrew Trexler and Christopher D. Johnston.

  • Repeated Measure Designs in Survey Experiments: A Replication and Extension

    Diana Jordan, Trent Ollerenshaw, and Andrew Trexler.

  • More Than a Feeling: Policy Feedback Effects of Pandemic Election Reforms across Racial Groups

    Marayna Martinez, Andrew Trexler, and Mallory E. SoRelle.

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